Disturbed’s David Draiman on removing chin piercings: “It just felt weird walking around like a 45-year-old Hot Topic kid”

"They're kind of a pain in the butt, to be honest"

Disturbed David Draiman
Disturbed’s David Draiman, photo by Travis Shinn

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    If you’re wondering why David Draiman’s face looks a bit naked these days, it’s because he removed the double labret talons that have pierced his chin throughout most of his career. Apparently, the Disturbed singer reached an age where he felt it was no longer a good look for him.

    When asked about the missing piercings in a video interview with the German website Deutche Welle, the rock frontman explained, “They’re kind of a pain in the butt, to be honest. It just felt weird walking around like a 45-year-old Hot Topic kid. I just felt it was time.”

    In the same interview, Draiman was also asked about his comments over the summer that he sees Disturbed’s upcoming album, Evolution, as their “Black Album”, referring to Metallica’s multiplatinum 1991 self-titled disc. “It’s simply a matter of something that every rock and metal band aspires to – they all want to write that record that takes them to the next level,” answered Draiman. “That’s what the ‘Black Album’ did for Metallica and that’s what I’m hoping this record does for us.”


    Disturbed’s new album, Evolution, arrives this Friday (October 19th). The band has revealed cities for a 2019 North American tour, with venues and dates expected to be announced soon.

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