David Gordon Green’s Halloween Is a Baffling Mess

Box office be damned, this return to Haddonfield is a major letdown

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween

    “Happy Halloween, Michael.”

    Trick or treat, Huskers. After spending the last eight months carving through every film in the Halloween franchise — not counting Rob Zombie’s two remakes — Halloweenies has finally arrived at the main event: David Gordon Green’s Halloween.

    Join hosts McKenzie Gerber, Dan Caffrey, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman as they pull all the guts and seeds outta this mushy pumpkin. They’ll talk about the beautiful mask, the moron “new Loomis,” and, naturally, the Scream Queen herself.

    So, grab your initialed rifle and listen above.

    Chapters include:
    — Introductions
    — Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Tweet (6:21)
    — Smith’s Grove Archives (15:30)
    — WKNB (1:20:45)
    — Michael Myers Was 21 (1:33:20)
    — September Girls (1:41:15)
    — Buds and Bobs (2:10:30)
    — And One of Them Was Annie! (2:39:20)
    — One Good Scare (2:40:35)
    — Getoutnow! (2:46:30)
    — The Mark of Thorn (2:49:25)
    — Overall Thoughts (2:59:15)
    — Outro (3:11:00)


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