Jim James performs “Over and Over” on Fallon: Watch

Plus, hear a new version of the track featuring Angel Olsen

Video Jim James "Over and Over" on The Tonight Show
Jim James on The Tonight Show, photo via NBC

On Friday, October 5th, Jim James will unveil Uniform Clarity, a new companion album to his solo album Uniform Distortion, which dropped in June. The 13-track effort features acoustic versions of Uniform Distortion tracks, in addition to a pair of all-new songs. In anticipation, the My Morning Jacket frontman performed one of those reimagined songs on The Tonight Show on Wednesday.

Titled “Over and Over”, the performance paired James’ luminous signature vocals with sparse instrumentation. He was also joined by five soulful backup singers from the Resistance Revival Chorus.

“The idea for Uniform Clarity came from Uniform Distortion, an album of intentional chaos/dirt: literal and figurative distortion of lyrics and sound meant to echo and hopefully shed some light on the twisted times and distortion of the truth in which we now live,” James said of the forthcoming album in a statement. “Uniform Clarity is meant to illuminate the other side — raw and real, but very clear, much like in the early days of recording where all you could hear was the truth because there were no ways to manipulate recordings in the studio.”

Catch the replay below.

Update: James has released a new version of “Over and Over” featuring added contributions from Angel Olsen. The two artists have shared the stage and collaborated in the past.

Beginning November, James is scheduled to bring both Uniform Distortion and Uniform Clarity on the road for a North American tour.