Thom Yorke performs chilling Suspiria song “Unmade” for BBC Radio 6: Watch

Radiohead frontman's Suspiria score is out today

Watch Thom Yorke "Unmade" piano on BBC Radio 6
Thom Yorke on BBC Radio 6

    Thom Yorke provided the music for Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria, marking the Radiohead frontman’s first-ever film score. The collection consists of 25 original compositions, some taking the form of eerie instrumentals, while others are more fully formed traditional songs. During a recent session recorded in BBC Radio 6 Music’s Maida Vale studios, Yorke performed one of those songs, the Suspiria highlight “Unmade”.

    Cozied up to a piano, Yorke unfurled the chilling track, his voice like a haunting siren. If I didn’t know about the Suspiria score, I wouldn’t have thought twice about “Unmade” being some kind of stripped-back version of a new Yorke song. Maybe this what his forthcoming solo album would sound like when pared down to its most skeletal form?

    Watch the performance below.

    Here’s the original film version:

    Yorke’s full Maida Vale session, which features more Suspiria arrangements and a chat with BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs, airs on Sunday. In the meantime, stream Yorke’s entire Suspiria score here.


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