Action Bronson drops new album White Bronco: Stream

The Queens MC's first independent release in several years

Action Bronson White Bronco Album Stream New Music Ben Kaye
Action Bronson, photo by Ben Kaye

    Action Bronson is back with his latest album, White Bronco. The record marks the Queens rapper’s first independent release since parting ways with Atlantic Records, who released last year’s Blue Chips 7000. Stream the entire thing below via Apple Music and Spotify

    White Bronco features production from Bronsino’s longtime collaborator, Party Supplies, alongside contributions from Knxwledge and Daringer. Yung Mehico, Meyhem Lauren, and Big Body Bes all appear on the record, as does ASAP Rocky, who drops in on the final track, “Swerve On Em”. The album was previewed with the title track and the single “Prince Charming”. Also featured is a song called “Irishman Freestyle”, which sees Action rapping about his role alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming The Irishman.

    Speaking to Complex’s Open Late about returning to independence, Bronson said,

    “I’m just back to being me. I’m independent, I don’t have to answer to anybody, I just do what I want. I don’t have to go up and play music for the label. I’m just doing whatever I do, clearing it with my own money. Doing whatever I have to. You get too comfortable. You get too comfortable with someone else taking care of you or someone else worrying about what you need to be doing for yourself. This just puts the ball back in your hands, where it needs to be. I’m a fucking point guard; I distribute. Nobody distributes to me. I’m the distributor.”


    Take a listen to White Bronco below.

    White Bronco Artwork:

    Action Bronson White Bronco

    White Bronco Tracklist:
    01. Dr. Kimble
    02. Irishman Freestyle
    03. Mt. Etna
    04. Live from the Moon (feat. Yung Mehico)
    05. White Bronco
    06. Brutal (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
    07. Prince Charming
    08. Telemundo
    09. Picasso’s Ear
    10. Ring Ring (feat. Big Body Bes)
    11. Swerve On Em (feat. ASAP Rocky)

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