Stephen King’s Elevation Offers a Thin Read for a Heavy Thanksgiving Weekend

The Losers also share what they're most thankful for in King's Dominion

Stephen King, Elevation
Stephen King, Elevation

“Everything leads to this, he thought. To this elevation. If it’s how dying feels, everyone should be glad to go.”

Constant Listeners, it’s that time of the year again, when the kitchen’s hot, the table’s messy, and our libraries are closed off to everyone’s greasy fingers. It’s another Kingsgiving.

Join Losers Randall Colburn, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman as they share some Needful Tweets, head to Hollywood King, read through King’s new “novel” Elevation, and share what they’re most thankful for this year in King’s Dominion.

Topics include: AMC’s Breaking Bad movie, the liberal use of “amazing”, the recent Pet Sematary trailer, Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House, and much, much more.

Listen above and return next week when the Losers talk cults in our highly anticipated next installment of The Soul’s Midnight.

Chapters include: Intro, Needful Tweets (8:00), Hollywood King (38:00), Elevation (1:19:00), Kingsgiving (1:46:00), and Outro (1:58:00)


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