Fan tries to rush Corey Taylor at Stone Sour gig in Moscow, gets body-slammed by security

"Sucks to be you, dude!"

Stone Sour's Corey Taylor
Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, photo by Antonio Marino Jr.

If you’re thinking of rushing Corey Taylor at a concert, forget about it. During Stone Sour’s show on November 16th in Moscow, Russia, a fan jumped onstage and ran toward Taylor only to get smashed to the ground by a security guard.

Taylor was performing Stone Sour’s 2003 hit “Bother” when a concertgoer tried to approach him on the stage. As soon as the fan started heading for Taylor, a security guard body-slammed him, seemingly before Taylor even knew what was happening.

Upon witnessing the tackle, Taylor said, “Sucks to be you, dude!” And after wrapping up the tune, Taylor went on to exclaim, “Don’t come on my stage, motherf–ker.”

Even with the overzealous fan causing a stir, Taylor seemed to enjoy the show. Afterwards, he thanked the Moscow audience on Twitter:

The moral of this story is that no matter how big a fan you are of whoever is on the stage, don’t even think about approaching them in that situation. It’s just not smart.

If you need any more proof that rushing the stage is a bad idea, let’s remember the Lamb of God fan in Prague, Czech Republic, who climbed onstage during the show, tumbled back into the crowd, hit his head on the ground and later passed away. Frontman Randy Blythe spent five weeks in a Czech Prison due to that incident, which, in the end, was proven not to be the Lamb of God singer’s fault. Blythe was eventually found not guilty of manslaughter.

And, of course, the most tragic incident is the slaying of legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who was gunned down onstage by crazed concertgoer in 2004 while playing a Columbus, Ohio, gig with his band Damageplan.