Ice-T finally ate a goddamn bagel

The Law & Order actor sparked internet outrage after admitting he'd never eaten a bagel in his life

Watch Ice-T Eat Bagel Coffee First Time
Ice-T finally eats a goddamn bagel

Twitter nearly exploded earlier this month when Ice-T, longtime NYPD detective on Law & Order: SVU and Jersey native, admitted to an especially heinous crime: He’d never, ever had a bagel or cup of coffee in his life. The internet asked that the musician/actor immediately rectify things, and now, Ice-T has dutifully done so. And there’s actual video proof!

Technically, Ice-T finally ate a bagel and sipped some coffee as part of an ad for dating app Coffee Meets Bagel (ha! get it!), but the results are still nothing short of #qualitycontent thanks to his real-time commentary and next level food criticism. “It has a different consistency than a doughnut,” a very surprised Ice-T remarks in the video. Yes, Detective Tutuola, a bagel is very much not a doughnut, despite their similarities in shape. “If you’ve got caps on your teeth, that’s all gone,” he adds later, not too pleased with the bagel’s heaviness.

Upon taking a sip of his first coffee, Ice-T notes, “OK, it’s not what I expected… tastes like water.” He then says he’ll likely never drink a cup of joe again. (He’ll just keep pretending to on make-believe TV.)

Watch Ice-T Meet Bagel and Coffee below.

In a short interview with TMZ last week, Ice-T claimed he’d be down for eating a bagel if someone paid him $100,000, so I guess Coffee Meets Bagel coughed up some serious dough?

In other news, I personally use OKCupid for all my failed online dating attempts, just in case ya got some cash to throw around and would like to sponsor me somehow. I’ll eat as many bagels as you want and I have no caps on my teeth.