Photo: High on Fire frontman Matt Pike’s partially amputated toe is not for the faint of heart

The procedure forced the band off their co-headlining tour with Municipal Waste

High on Fire's Matt Pike
High on Fire’s Matt Pike

    Last week, High on Fire announced that they were dropping off their scheduled co-headlining tour with Municipal Waste, as frontman Matt Pike had to undergo an emergency partial amputation of his toe. Now, there’s a visual to go with the news.

    With High on Fire off the bill, the “Speed of the Wizard Tour” still kicked off this past Friday, with Municipal Waste in the lone headlining slot along with openers Toxic Holocaust and Haunt.

    Pike, meanwhile, is resting at home after the procedure, but offered up a photo of his stitched-up toe on High on Fire’s Instagram page. Needless to say, it’s not exactly easy on the eyes. In fact, we recommend you’re between meals when looking at Pike’s surgically repaired appendage (below):


    One saving grace is that the rest of Pike’s toes are in pretty good shape, as Instagram user palsiewalsie points out in the comments section, “This might be a weird observation but I was kind of surprised how well cared for Matt’s toes are otherwise.”

    Toes aside, High on Fire’s latest album, Electric Messiah, came out in September. Read our review of the disc here, and read our interview with Matt Pike here.

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