Shrek and Aladdin writer Terry Rossio compares “Anti-Vax” label to the N-word

The Hollywood screenwriter/producer got into a heated Twitter argument on Thanksgiving

Shrek Terry Rossio "Anti-Vax"

    Terry Rossio is best known as the writer behind screenplays for popular films such as Shrek, Disney’s 1992 Aladdin, and multiple Pirates of the Caribbean installments. However, his recent behavior on the Internet threatens to overshadow the reputation he’s built for his creative work.

    Late on Thanksgiving evening, Rossio engaged in a Twitter debate about parents who do not vaccinate their children with The CW’s The 100 writer Julie Benson. Beyond his questionable stance, Rossio ignited controversy for the comparison he used to illustrate his point. Describing the struggle “parents of vaccine damaged children” endure, he went on to suggest that the label “Anti-Vax” is equivalent to referring to someone by the N-word.

    His tweet using the full N-word is still up, as you can read for yourself below.

    After Benson responded in turn by expressing that Rossio “please never come on my feed with the n word again,” the writer doubled down on his claims as the conversation got increasingly heated.

    Rossio refused to settle despite being heavily ratio’ed on multiple tweets, with the argument only coming to a close after Benson tapped out in order to enjoy once more her Thanksgiving. He’s slated to serve as screenwriter for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, as well as the long-awaited Jonny Quest film helmed by Chris McKay.

    Update – Nov 25th.: On Sunday evening, Rossio apologized for his actions on Twitter in a three-part statement, which argues, “You can’t make a point against hate speech and reference actual words of hate speech. That was insensitive and ignorant.” He’s also since deleted the original tweet. Read the full apology below.


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