Superorganism on Potentially Babysitting for Stephen Malkmus

Host Lior Phillips talks to Orono Noguchi and Soul during Iceland Airwaves

Superorganism, This Must Be the Gig

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Vivid Seats Ticket promoWelcome back to another episode of This Must Be the Gig, the podcast that gives you an all-access pass to the world of live music! The indelible Iceland Airwaves first launched 20 years ago, and this week Lior Phillips checks in with her first in a series of reports from the magical festival.

Lior sits down with two members of the incredible live band Superorganism, just prior to the group’s sublime Reykjavik set. Orono Noguchi and Soul discuss their first concerts, getting to meet (and potentially babysit for) Stephen Malkmus, getting a pep talk from Nardwuar the Human Serviette, and so much more. Tune in next week for even more exciting reporting from Iceland Airwaves!

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