More than 80 firearms and three skulls found in Cannibal Corpse guitarist’s home

A search warrant reveals that Pat O'Brien's home was filled with an arsenal of weapons

Cannibal Corpse's Pat O'Brien
Cannibal Corpse’s Pat O’Brien, photo by Alex Morgan

Following last week’s arrest of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien on assault and burglary charges, a new report reveals that more than 80 firearms were found at the home of the death-metal musician.

A search warrant obtained by the Tampa Bay Times lists the arsenal of weapons as roughly 50 shotguns, 10 semiautomatic rifles (including a couple variants of AK-47s), two Uzi-style rifles, and 20 handguns. However, only one of those firearms, a sawed-off shotgun, was illegal to possess, provided that the other guns had the proper paperwork.

There were also a number of locked safes, and, as previously reported, a couple of flamethrowers in the residence. In addition, there were thousands of rounds of ammunition, several other weapons, and three skulls in the house.

The newspaper also reports that O’Brien was renting the Northdale, Florida, home on Northwood Drive, and was not the owner, as may have been previously presumed.

For those new to the story, O’Brien was arrested on December 10th for burglary and assault after allegedly entering a nearby house, and pushing a female occupant to the ground, and warning the occupants that the “rapture is coming.” He was then found behind a fence and allegedly charged at a deputy with a knife, and had to be tased several times in order to be detained. At that same time, his own rented home with the aforementioned cache of weapons caught fire.

O’Brien, who also apparently had phoned relatives and warned them that “aliens have landed”, was ordered held on $50,000 bond when he appeared in court the next day in an anti-suicide vest and shackles, and was released this past Friday after posting bail. He is officially charged with “aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer with deadly weapon, and burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault or battery.”

His arrest came a day after Cannibal Corpse were announced as a support act on the spring 2019 North American leg of Slayer’s final tour.