Get ready for a LeBron James biopic

Director Chris Robinson will bring the NBA champion's formative years to life on screen

LeBron James, Trainwreck

His legend continues and yet we’re already getting a LeBron James biopic.

According to Deadline, the formative years of the current Lakers star and former 2X NBA Champion with the Miami Heat (and for some other team from Cleveland) will be the subject of a forthcoming film from director Chris Robinson (Beats).

Rest assured, the source material’s strong as screenwriters Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier based their screenplay on Shooting Stars, the collaborative memoir that James wrote alongside Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger.

Seeing how James is a pretty great actor himself — he’s one of the major highlights of 2015’s Trainwreck — perhaps they might want to use some of that de-aging technology Scorsese is currently employing for his forthcoming crime drama, The Irishman.

In the meantime, James can currently be seen hitting the court with the Los Angeles Lakers as they continue to compete in a constantly evolving Western conference that’s seen more drama this season than all of TNT programming.

But, he’s also working on getting us Jason again. And also Space Jam.


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