Saturday Night Live wrote an entire sketch about Weezer, and it’s incredible: Watch

"They just set a release date for the freakin' Black Album"

Matt Damon defends Weezer on SNL

An entire SNL sketch dedicated to Weezer? It actually happened.

Tonight’s Christmas episode featured a completely bizarre, downright incredible skit in which host Matt Damon plays a Weezer super fan passionately arguing in defense of his favorite band. Leslie Jones serves as Damon’s foil, a former fan of Rivers Cuomo’s outfit who lost interest after Pinkerton.

The two begin debating after Weezer’s “Toto” cover begins playing during a Christmas dinner. “They just set a release date for the freakin’ Black Album,” Damon excitedly remarks, to which Jones responds, “I’m just a little confused because Weezer fans know they haven’t released a good album since Pinkerton in ’96.”

“Why don’t you grow the hell up and listen to Ratitude and Pacific Daydream… You just don’t understand what Rivers is going through right now,” Damon comments. “Rivers doesn’t understand what Rivers is going through,” Jones responds.

“Weezer died when Matt Sharp left,” Jones argues. Damon hits back, proclaiming, “Weezer didn’t start until Scott Shriner got there.”

Watch the sketch below. It really is something else.

Update: Rivers Cuomo acknowledged the sketch on Twitter: “They had a whole ass skit about Weezer and me on Saturday Night Live and I’m actually crying AAAGGGGHHHHHHH.”

Former band member Matt Sharp also chimed in, tweeting, “Priceless, love it. Life is just beautifully ridiculous. Thanks, @nbcsnl.”


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