The Faint announce new album, Egowerk, share “Child Asleep”: Stream

The follow-up to 2014's Doomed Abuse comments on social media and the Internet

The Faint Announce Egowerk album
The Faint, photo by Bill Sitzmann

    The Faint returned in October with their first song in two years, “Chameleon Nights”. Now, the Omaha outfit has announced a new album on which that chaotic tune is set to appear.

    Titled Egowerk, it’s due out March 15th through Saddle Creek. The 11-track effort was entirely self-produced by the band and serves as the follow-up to 2014’s Doomed Abuse.

    Much like their previous single, Egowerk comments on the current state of the world. Specifically, they focus on social media and the Internet as a whole, described by the band’s own Todd Fink as “an amazing world of free knowledge, communication, and opportunity” that is “proving to be a toxic battleground. “One where the people most sure of their opinion are quick to take a stand and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them,” he adds.


    Along with “Chameleon Nights”, the tracklist includes the new single “Child Asleep”, which talks about being a truly “awake” being in today’s society. Fink elaborates further:

    “It would be amazing if I could wake up from the world that I think I’m awake in already. If there’s a better way of understanding life, I’d love to be privy to it. You see the wisdom of all Gurus in the East, and you know they’re not bothered by this or that. They’ve attained something, and the rest of us are just kind of banging into stuff, trying to figure out what to do with our lives.”

    Check it out below via its Nik Fackler-directed visual.

    Egowerk Artwork:

    Egowerk Tracklist:
    01. Child Asleep
    02. Chameleon Nights
    03. Life’s a Joke
    04. Alien Angel
    05. Egowerk
    06. Own My Eyes
    07. Source of the Sun
    08. Another World
    09. Quench the Flame
    10. Young & Realistic
    11. Automoton


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