Blood on the Tracks: How Bob Dylan Birthed Bootleg Culture

The songwriter's cast-offs became the stuff of myth and left the music world forever changed

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Bob Dylan

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    Our debut season of The Opus concludes its dissection of Bob Dylan’Blood on the Tracks, exploring how the legendary album and its ongoing legacy has sharpened lives, shaken rafters, and ingrained themselves into our culture

    From The Basement Tapes to the mythical sessions that would become the just released More Blood, More Tracks collection – bootlegs of Bob Dylan’s music are central to not just his story, but the music industry at large.

    Host Paula Mejia is joined by three critics, record collectors, and Dylan fans Jesse Jarnow, Alison Fensterstock, and More Blood, More Tracks liner notes author Jeff Slate to discuss the bootleg culture that’s thrived alongside Dylan’s studio recordings, shed some light on the myths surrounding Blood on the Tracks, and explore how Dylan keeps reinventing these songs in the present.


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    For more Dylan, check out More Blood, More Tracks, the latest installment in Dylan’s Bootleg Series, which is currently on sale. The deluxe edition includes more than 70 previously unreleased recordings from the sessions behind Blood on the Tracks, specifically outtakes, studio banter, false starts, and alternate versions of “Tangled Up in Blue”, “Simple Twist of Fate”, and “Shelter From the Storm”. Stream a preview of the collection below via Spotify.

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