Ariana Grande really botched her Japanese tattoo

The pop star celebrated the release of "7 rings" by celebrating ... small barbecues

Ariana Grande - "7 Rings"

Most people with tattoos have mild regrets — for instance, this writer winces every time he sees his Kurt Cobain seahorse tattoo — but there’s simply nothing worse than actually fumbling your design. Just ask Ariana Grande.

As The Fader reports, the pop star recently celebrated her new No. 1 single, “7 rings”, by getting the characters “七輪” tattooed on her hand. Now, in Chinese, this translates to “7 rounds” or 7 wheels”, which is fitting given the song.

The problem, as her followers pointed out, is that the Japanese Kanji translation is “shichirin,” which means small barbecue grill. That doesn’t bode well for Grande, who just used Japanese kawaii designs in the song’s video and whose album cover, thank u, next, features a small Japanese character.

Ariana Grande, Japanese Tattoo, Barbecue Grill,
Ariana Grande “7 Rings” Tattoo

To her credit, Grande took the news well, admitting she left off some characters because “it hurt like fuck” and confessed that she “wouldn’t have lasted another symbol.” Prior to deleting the initial Instagram post, she had joked that she’s a “huge fan of tiny bbq grills.” C’mon, that’s a good sport.

thank u, next hits stores on February 8th.


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