Chris Brown is selling t-shirts mocking his rape accuser

One of the shirts features an image of the Mona Lisa

Chris Brown's "This B*tch Lyin'" t-shirt

Chris Brown has denied sexually assaulting a woman in Paris, calling the allegations “disrespectful” and “against my character and morals.” However, he apparently has no moral qualms with making money off of the allegations while simultaneously shaming the alleged victim.

The R&B singer’s clothing line, Black Pyramid, has launched a new line of t-shirts featuring the phrase “THIS B*TCH LYIN'”. One of the shirts — “The Paris Edition” — includes an image of the Mona Lisa with the phrase stamped overtop. The shirts are priced at $38 each.


Brown was arrested in Paris on Tuesday after a woman — identified only as “Karima” — accused the R&B singer of assaulting her in his hotel room. After being questioned by police, Brown was released from custody without any charges. An investigation is still ongoing, however.

On Thursday, Brown filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman and is seeking criminal action.


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