Dave Grohl falls off stage after chugging beer

Foo Fighters' frontman starts 2019 on a shaky foot

dave grohl foo fighters beer chug stage fall the joint at hard rock hotel in las vegas
Dave Grohl chugs beer moments being falling off stage

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Foo Fighters started 2019 off on a shaky foot. The band played their first gig of the new year on Wednesday evening, putting on a show at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as part of CES 2019. Everything seemed to be going fine until frontman Dave Grohl tried to be the cool rock dude we all know he is and slipped up — literally.

Grohl was rocking a guitar solo when he sauntered over stage left to a bar by the front of the crowd. He hopped down and asked for a beer, which he placed atop a speaker by his head. At first, he tried to take a hands-free sip only to, predictably, knock the beer over. He quickly scooped it up, smacked his lips, and chugged the lager down. Rock star!

The trouble came when he tried to get back up on the stage — and immediately fell off.

Fans in the crowd likely had an immediate flashback to 2015, when Grohl broke his leg after a stage fall in Sweden. He finished that concert and played the rest of the tour in a throne. When the Foo Fighters returned to the Scandinavian Nordic country last summer, Grohl pranked the crowd by having a look-alike pretend to fall off stage.

This time, thankfully, the frontman seemed to pop up injury free — though that beer spill may have messed with the speaker. The band did call out JBL in an Instagram post earlier today, so maybe the publicity makes everything square:

Foo Fighters have plenty of more gigs coming up to get it right. Their itinerary includes stops at music festivals like Reading and Leeds, Sonic Temple, Hurricane & Southside, and Lollapalooza’s inaugural event in — wouldn’t you know it — Stockholm, Sweden.