Stephen King’s Misery Tackled Toxic Fandom Before Twitter

The Losers' Club comes face to face with the greatest fan of 'em all

Misery by Stephen King
Misery by Stephen King

“I am in trouble here. This woman is not right.”

Constant Listeners, sit back, relax, and don’t try to move like some dirty birdie. Those cockadoodie legs of yours are down for the count. I know, I know, you want your pills. Always with your pills! You’ll get ’em after I return from my Laughing Place.

Join Losers Michael Roffman, Mel Kassel, Randall Colburn, and special guest Lara Unnerstall as they hobble through Stephen King’s icy 1987 novel, Misery. Together, they wrestle with the psychology of Annie Wilkes, debate King’s meta-relationship with his readers, and reflect on how the novel says so much about fandom today.

Listen above and return next week when the Losers head to the movies for Rob Reiner’s 1990 Oscar-winning adaptation starring Kathy Bates and James Caan. In the meantime, please show your support by proving you’re our No. 1 fan.

Chapters include: Introductions, History/Synopsis/The Hook (27:00), Structure and Format (1:17:00), Heroes and Villains (1:37:00), Misery (2:10:30), The Sematary (2:27:00), Word Processor of the Gods (2:43:00), Poundcake! (2:52:00), King’s Dominion (3:00:00), Overall Thoughts (3:05:30), and Outro (3:15:00)


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