Robert Pattinson, André 3000, and Juliette Binoche head to deep space in High Life trailer: Watch

Claire Denis has assembled an all-star cast for her divisive, provocative space thriller

André 3000 in High Life Trailer

At last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, lauded French filmmaker Claire Denis made her English-language debut with High Life. Immediately, word came out that it was the kind of movie you have to see, whether you like it or not, inspiring everything from early walkouts to glowing praise. Then, A24 (which has developed a reputation for throwing money behind precisely that kind of movie) picked it up, promising that it’d get a wide enough release to baffle and engage audiences all over the country.

Now, the first trailer for the film has emerged, offering a better look at its surreal, sensual deep-space journey. Robert PattinsonAndré Benjamin (also 3000), and Mia Goth star as criminals being jettisoned into a black hole in deep space as part of a long-form experiment. Juliette Binoche plays a scientist aboard the ship, whose experiments quickly cross the line into the sexual and surreal alike, as the unwilling crew’s sense of reality begins to shift and warp. From what we’ve heard, things will get weird; as our own Sarah Kurchak noted, “It is, for all of its action, and unexpected hints of the underbelly of humanity, and bodily fluids, actually quite a languid, melancholy film. It doesn’t shock its viewers, nor does Denis seem to have any interest in doing so. It quietly, meticulously unmoors them instead.”

Audiences won’t have to wait long to weigh in; High Life will begin its limited rollout on April 12th. In the meantime, you can check out the first trailer below.



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