Metal bassist allegedly murdered by man who unintentionally filmed the attack via Facebook video

Jason Moody was a member of the band Seize the Vatican, based in Maine

Jason Moody

Jason Moody, bassist in the metal band Seize the Vatican, was killed in an apparent attack in Bangor, Maine, with police finding his the 40-year-old’s body on a sidewalk on November 11th. Five days later, authorities arrested 29-year-old Donald Gallek, who is accused of brutally assaulting Moody and leaving him for dead. Now, a newly released affidavit suggests that the attack was unintentionally captured on Facebook video.

According to the Bangor Daily News, newly released documents reveal that Gallek, who is described as a transient, was at Moody’s home when he got into an argument with his girlfriend. Moody had then asked Gallek to leave, walking him to a nearby apartment where he thought Gallek could spend the night, but no one was home. They then left that apartment and began walking on the street again.

At that time, Gallek apparently unintentionally started a video chat via Facebook with an unidentified female acquaintance, who initially couldn’t see anything but believes she heard something to the effect of Gallek being punched by Moody, and Gallek saying, “What the fuck? You just hit me!”

She then said she was able to see the video, at which time she saw Gallek turn and punch Moody, knocking him to the ground, and then slamming his head to the pavement several times while choking him. According to the Washington Post, after the attack, Gallek apparently called Moody’s girlfriend and told her that he left Moody on the ground and was “going to go to prison for 15 to 20 years.”

Gallek pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (January 22nd) to charges of depraved indifference murder and intentional or knowing murder. He faces life in prison.

Moody’s metal band, Seize the Vatican, released an EP in 2013 and a full-length album, Advent of Annihilation, in 2017. Their record-release show could be seen below.

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