RZA will direct a supernatural inner-city thriller about the lives of Wu-Tang Clan

The project, titled Angel of Dust, will also feature new music from the legendary collective

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If you know anything at all about the Wu-Tang Clan, you know that the legendary Staten Island rap crew were cinematic long before some of their individual members began breaking into the film industry. The sounds and grim themes of revenge-fueled samurai movies from years past formed the spine of their iconic debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) just over 25 years ago, and many of the collective and individual solo projects in the years since.

In particular, RZA has been no stranger to the silver screen, from his classic scores behind Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai and Kill Bill to his over-the-top 2012 directorial debut The Man With the Iron Fists. (He also helmed an episode of the now-cancelled Iron Fist.) Now, reports indicate that RZA will soon return with a project influenced by the life and times of the Wu themselves, currently titled, Angel of Dust.

Deadline notes that fellow member Ghostface Killah and longtime manager Caruso will have story credits on the feature, a supernatural take on the members troubled upbringings in Staten Island.

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The plot synposis: “Casey is a normal yet exceptionally smart teenager and talented rapper but after the mysterious death of his parents hes been forced to grow up in NYs roughest inner-city streets (known as Shaolin in Wu-Tang folklore), basically on his own. As life in the hood around him gets tragically worse, he must put his skills to the test to survive not only the gangs, corrupt cops, junkies, and bullies, but a serial killer with seemingly supernatural powers dubbed Angel of Dust by the media”.

Its presently unknown when production will begin on the feature, but theres a distinctly high chance of the film being, as has often been said, nothing ta fuck with.


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