Ambitious teen tries to steal plane to catch hip-hop concert

Some concerts are just too impossible to miss...

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There are some concerts you just can’t miss. That concert was Famous Dex for one 18-year-old from Arkansas, who felt so compelled to see the Chicago rapper, that he attempted to steal a plane.

As The Associated Press reports, Zemarcuis Scott pleaded guilty last Thursday and was sentenced to five years of probation for attempted theft of property and commercial burglary. The charges date back to July 4th, 2018, when Scott jumped the fence at Texarkana Regional Airport in the early morning hours, fully intending to take an American Eagle twin-engine jet to Chicago.

Not surprisingly, he was picked up by security monitors upon arrival. However, to his credit, he did make it all the way to the cockpit of one of the planes. It’s probably a good thing he was caught, though, seeing how he a.) has no training as a pilot and b.) told investigators that he thought flying involved, you know, pushing buttons and pulling levels. Clearly, he’s never watched Wings.

According to The Texarkana Gazette, Scott had been noticed by three responding officers, who recognized him from earlier encounters. Following this incident, the court ordered an evaluation of his mental state, to which he was deemed mentally competent by a psychologist with Southwest Arkansas Counseling and Mental Health Center.

In related news, Famous Dex has no current tour dates on his itinerary.

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