A Star is Born returns to theaters with new music, footage

Watch an unreleased scene in which Jack and Ally pen a song titled "Clover"

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Over the weekend, A Star is Born went one-for-eight at the 2019 Academy Awards, snagging a lone Oscar for the film’s breakout song, “Shallow”. However, despite the losing record, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ultimately stole the show, performing the hit track as a duet for the second time ever and delivering an awe-inspiring performance. Now, Warner Bros. has announced that the movie will return to the silver screen with 12 additional minutes of previously unseen footage.

For a week starting on Friday, March 1st, the extended rerelease will hit over 1,150 theaters across North America. The upcoming cut features a number of expanded musical performances, including opening number “Black Eyes”, the now-iconic parking lot rendition of “Shallow”, and Jack’s in-concert take on “Alibi”.

The flick also boasts at least three new scenes. “Is That Alright?”, a song only played during the credits in the initial edition, will formally make its way into the movie, with Ally singing the tune to Jack during their wedding. It will also show Jack recording “Too Far Gone”, a song primarily relegated to the soundtrack, though the couple briefly listens to the number in the studio during the film.

Fans will also be able to watch the two lovebirds pen a new song together titled “Clover”, which was previewed by the studio in a newly released clip. Eagle-eyed viewers might note the scene looks like it was shot at the Coachella site — where filming certainly occurred — and that based on Cooper and Gaga’s outfits, it appears to be the source of many of the promotional images and posters for the movie. Check it out below.



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