CupcakKe shares SpongeBob-referencing video for “Squidward Nose”: Watch

The Chicago rapper stars as a mermaid surrounded by penis plants. Really.

Cupcakke "squidward nose" music video release spongebob john early

As if releasing two albums within the last six months wasn’t enough, CupcakKe dropped a fresh single a few weeks ago called “Squidward Nose”. The track featured a number of dirty jokes, and we’re happy to report that its newly unveiled music video continues the sexual humor alongside even more SpongeBob Squarepants references.

The clip is set in an underwater world much like SpongeBob’s and features credits using the same font as the famed Nickelodeon show. CupcakKe herself stars as a mermaid surrounded by plants made to look like penises, perhaps inspired by Disney’s own penchant for the phallus. Meanwhile, comedian John Early (Search Party, 30 Rock) cameos as a scuba diver.

Watch it below.

CupcakKe’s Eden album hit stores in November, while Ephorize landed in January.

Last month, CupcakKe checked herself into a hospital following a suicide scare.

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