Dave Chappelle hand-delivers tickets to couple who were scammed on Craigslist

The Charlotte couple paid $500 on fake tickets to Chappelle's Valentine's Day gig

Dave Chappelle with fans

There’s always a risk when buying tickets on Craigslist; a Charlotte couple learned that the hard way when they were scammed out of $500 after purchasing fake tickets to Dave Chappelle’s Valentine’s Day show at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Fortunately for Dave and Deidra Dickens, Chappelle caught wind of their story on local news. He then surprised the couple by hand-delivering real tickets.

Chappelle found the couple and their friends dining at nearby restaurant. After walking up to their table, he wished them a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” posed for pictures, and offered some sage advice: next time, buy your tickets from a legitimate source.

Charlotte’s CBTV was there to capture the moment, as you can see below (via TMZ).


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