A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise to be explored in new podcast series

The next season of Halloweenies moves from Haddonfield, IL to Springwood, OH

Halloweenies: A Freddy Krueger Podcast

In 2018, Halloweenies spent the entire year in Haddonfield, Illinois, where they carved out one Halloween movie a month in anticipation of David Gordon Green’s blockbuster reboot. What was supposed to be a limited series — a spinoff of The Losers’ Club, our weekly Stephen King podcast — has now become a regular series due to demand.

This year, the podcast is heading to Springwood, Ohio, where they’ll dream through the entire A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, from Wes Craven’s 1984 original to the 2010 remake. Each episode will see our hosts joined by an assortment of Dream Warriors prepared to bring their dream power to anything-but-sleepy discussions.

The first episode drops Valentine’s Day and finds Editor-in-Chief Michael Roffman, senior writer Justin Gerber, contributing writer McKenzie Gerber, and writer/filmmaker Lara Unnerstall going deep into the proverbial boiler room. They discuss everything, from Johnny Depp’s midriff to whether or not the ending truly works.

Listen below and make Freddy your Valentine.


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