Pete Davidson boots heckler who derailed stand-up gig with Mac Miller comment

"I wish I was Dane Cook. He'd know how to get out of this"

Pete Davidson stand-up comedy heckler Mac Miller interruption removal Ariana Grande Dane Cook

On Monday night, Pete Davidson’s comedy routine was derailed when a heckler made an inappropriate comment about late rapper Mac Miller. As is well known, Miller was the ex of pop star Ariana Grande, whom Davidson was briefly engaged to last year until the couple’s highly publicized breakup following the young hip-hop star’s death.

During his show at New Jersey’s South Orange Performing Arts Center, the Saturday Night Live star began a joke with the line, “My friend died in my apartment,” prompting an attendee to shout out, “Mac Miller?” In a recording released by TMZ, you can hear the comedian stop the performance after the outburst, refusing to continue until security could remove the interrupter. Before he was ousted, Davidson got jabs in of his own, calling the guy a “fuckface” and encouraging others to help venue employees identify the heckler.

Davidson, for his part, remained relatively calm throughout the removal process, explaining to the crowd, “I’ll wait. I will not continue until that kid’s gone… I’ll leave, so if you want the show to continue, call out the person who did it.” He added, “I’m not making that much money for this show. This show is just for fun and to work on my [hour]. I’m not gonna have that shit at my show; I have to deal with that enough.”

The stand-up comic also asked that the expelled audience member be fully refunded, noting that he didn’t want his money and joking to his security detail, “If you can, throw it at him.”

Davidson quickly regained control of the stage, acknowledging the awkward pause: “I’ll gradually try to get us back up to the fun level we were at five minutes ago. I’ll talk about fucking and then I’ll do the other jokes, so you guys forget. Hey, who here fucks?” After a laugh, he tacked on, “I wish I was Dane Cook. He would know how to get out of this.”

Listen to the full audio of the interaction below. You can get tickets to Davidson’s upcoming standup shows here.


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