Hellyeah share song snippet from upcoming album featuring late Vinnie Paul: Stream

The legendary drummer recorded his parts before his sudden death in June 2018


If you’ve been wondering what to expect from Hellyeah’s new album, the band has just released a snippet of new music from the upcoming set. The disc will likely mark the band’s final collection of music with the late Vinnie Paul, who had recorded drums for the album prior to his death.

Hellyeah shared a brief video teaser of the song today (February 1st) on their official Instagram account with the caption, “Live it!” The music is very heavy and very metal, with thunderous drumming.

On Thanksgiving of last year, Hellyeah took to Facebook to drop the news that a new album was going to be released in 2019, stating, “Happy Thanksgiving Hellions!! See you all next year and with a new record that is going to blow you away!!”

Watch and listen to the clip of new music below.


Following Paul’s death, bass player Kyle Sanders told SiriusXM’s Jose Mangin that the drummer had already recorded his parts for a new album. “We’re in the middle of huge things right now,” Sanders said at the time. “This is the last thing you expect to hear. We’re in the studio right now. We’re doing a record. This is everything that Vinnie lives for. It’s devastating.”

Paul passed away in June 2018 at age 54 from a dilated cardiomyopathy, otherwise known as an enlarged heart, as well as severe coronary artery disease. Both are considered natural causes of death. Paul, of course, was also a member of Pantera and Damageplan, and brother of late guitarist Dimebag Darrell.

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