Jim Carrey calls Trump’s birth “the real State of Emergency” in hilariously disturbing political cartoon

Image comes hours after POTUS childishly called the border wall costs a national emergency

Jim Carrey's Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump portraits

Very few people hate President Trump more than Jim Carrey.

For awhile now, the blockbuster comic has been gnawing off his thumb at the Commander in Chief with scathing political cartoons, all of which have predictably ruffled the feathers of conservatives who probably own VHS copies of either Liar, Liar or The Mask. Needless to say, his latest cartoon should send them into a catatonic fit.

On Friday, mere hours after Trump childishly declared the need to pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall a national emergency, Carrey shared a cartoon of Trump’s mother giving birth, writing “The real State of Emergency began in 1946 at the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY. Definitely not human.” Naturally, what’s in between her legs is a goddamn nightmare.

Take a look below.

In related news, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective turns 25 this month. Revisit the film’s original trailer below and remember the novelty of Dan Marino, the glory of Udo Kier, and the addictive power of the name Roger Podacter.


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