Lady Lamb feels a “Deep Love” on new single: Stream

The latest from Aly Spaltro's upcoming record, Even in the Tremor

Lady Lamb Deep Love Lyric Video Erica Peplin Even in the Tremor

Aly Spaltro is set to release her new record as Lady Lamb, Even in the Tremor, on April 5th. The follow-up to 2015’s After and 2016’s Tender Warriors Club  EP finds the Brooklyn-based songwriter teaming with producer Erin Tonkon for her most personal collection of songs yet. She demonstrated her new lyrical focus on her own existence on the effort’s title track and now she’s shared the latest single, “Deep Love”.

“Deep Love” opens with a folk ramble akin to a clear-voiced Dylan as Spaltro looks out Manhattan and questions if “we should exist at all.” However, as she reconnects to the love surrounding her life, the track takes a soulful turn into pop territory, pensive guitar strums shifting into brighter cheer as they’re bolstered by a comforting piano strain and steady rhythm. Spaltro’s objective lens focuses down from the big city picture to more intimate scenes of fixing her lover’s hair and watching a loving couple play with their dogs, moments which leave her “tangled in that deep deep love.”

Take a listen via the lyric video below.

As Spaltro explains in a press release, it was during the powerful writing of “Deep Love” that she realized she had completed Even in the Tremor:

“I had just gone into Manhattan and I felt like an alien seeing all the workers on their lunch break. I spent my train ride home to Queens, wondering if we’d lost our purpose. I started singing the first line, ‘I’m not convinced we should strive for midtown,’ and by the time I got to the chorus refrain I was full of a deep, volcanic kind of love which poured out of me and filled the song. It felt like it was writing itself, and when I realized I was singing through tears, I knew the album was finished.”

Lady Lamb has a full-band tour set for spring to support her new effort; check out the dates and snag tickets here. You can also grab some of Lady Lamb’s past albums over at ReverbLP.


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