Motley Crue slam KISS for copying stage design; tease trailer for The Dirt

“Our body wasn’t even cold before they took this exact grande finale from our tour"

Motley Crue

KISS may have influenced Mötley Crüe back in the day, but now it appears that the tables have turned. Both Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee have slammed KISS for copying the grand finale of their current farewell tour concerts from the one the Crue staged a few years earlier during their own final trek.

On Twitter yesterday, Sixx shared an image of himself and Gene Simmons both being lifted out over the crowd on a crane, with the comment, “Wow. Our body wasn’t even cold before they took this exact grande finale from our tour. Might not matter to Kiss fans but it does to Crüe fans. I dug their music when I was a little kid and it was cool to co-Headline together a few years but this disappoints me. Anyway.”

Earlier this month, Tommy Lee expressed similar sentiments, tweeting video from a KISS concert and writing, “Dayum @KISSOnline this sure looks identical to @MotleyCrue’s final tour.”

In another tweet on Saturday, Sixx shared a photo from Crüe’s tour and wrote, “If ya wanna see an exact reenactment of this just go to the #LosAngeles Forum tonight,” referring to KISS’ show at the L.A. venue that evening.

Meanwhile, a trailer for the Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt , which premieres March 22nd on Netflix, will be unveiled tomorrow (February 19th). The band shared a brief teaser today:

And finally, congratulations go out to Tommy Lee, who married social media star Brittany Furlan over the weekend, marking the fourth marriage for the drummer.

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