New David Bowie 7-inch box set, Clareville Grove Demos, features unreleased tracks

Four demos on the six-track collection have never previously been shared

David Bowie Clareville Grove Demos 7-inch box set announcement

Parlophone is commemorating this year’s 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity” with a series of box sets. The label first announced the Spying Through a Keyhole collection, due out April 5th, back in January. Today, they’ve detailed another 7-inch vinyl box called Clareville Grove Demos.

Due out May 17th, the three-piece set features six home demos Bowie recorded alongside John “Hutch” Hutchinson at the Clareville Grove flat the former lived in with his then girlfriend, Hermione Farthingale. (The three of them — Bowie, Hutch, and Farthingale — had performed together as Feathers.) The cover image was taken by Bowie’s manager at the time, Ken Pitt, in that very apartment.

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Of the six tracks, four have previously been unreleased. That includes “Love to the Dawn”, and early version of “Cygnet Committee”; “Ching-a-Ling”, a 1968 song Bowie originally recorded with his Turquoise trio featuring Fathingal and Tony Hill; “Let Me Sleep Beside You”; and “Life Is a Circus”, a cover of a Roger Bunn song recorded by Djinn.

Each vinyl single is designed with a label emulating Bowie’s handwritten song titles. Find the box artwork and tracklist below. You can also find more Bowie vinyl over at ReverbLP.

Clareville Grove Demos Artwork:

David Bowie Clareville Grove Demos cover artwork

Clareville Grove Demos Tracklist:
Single 1
01. Space Oddity
02. Lover to the Dawn

Single 2
01. Ching-a-Ling
02. An Occasional Dream

Single 3
01. Let Me Sleep Beside You
02. Life Is a Circus

David Bowie Clareville Grove Demos cover artwork collection


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