“Cursed” Pete Davidson covers up Ariana Grande tattoo

On the plus side, the SNL comic did get inked with the Tootsie Pop Owl...

Pete Davidson, Photo by Amanda Koellner, Comedian, Saturday Night Live, Tattoo, Ariana Grande

If there’s anything we learned over the last couple of weeks, it’s that tattoos aren’t one of Ariana Grande’s strengths. Clearly. However, it would appear that’s something she has in common with her former fiancé Pete Davidson.

As Cosmopolitan points out, tattoo artist Jon Mesa recently shared a photo of his work on the Saturday Night Live comic, highlighting a ridiculous Tootsie Pop Owl located at the center of Davidson’s back.

However, it’s his neck that has everyone in a dizzy. As you can see below, Davidson has tattooed the word “CURSED” where he used to have a matching tattoo with Grande that read “Mille Tendress”, which is French for “a million tendernesses.”

The line is from Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of Grande’s favorite films, who inked herself with it back in 2014. Davidson matched hers amidst their blossoming romance late last summer.

To be fair, Davidson isn’t exactly alone in his actions. Grande also replaced her matching tattoo — “8418”, the badge number of Davidson’s late father who died on 9/11 — with the name “Myron”, a reference to the dog of her late boyfriend Mac Miller. She even teased the change in a behind-the-scenes clip.

It’s ugly business, but fortunately, they’re both on the mend. Grande’s thank u, next just dropped ahead of Valentine’s Day, while Davidson is currently working alongside Judd Apatow for a semi-autobiographical comedy in the vein of 2015’s Trainwreck.

Even so, we recommend they stave off the tattoos for now.




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