Sego let loose anthemic new song “Neon Me Out”: Stream

LA indie rockers give it their all on the latest preview of their Sego Sucks LP

Sego "Neon Me Out" new song music video release

Los Angeles indie rockers Sego are just two months away from dropping off their sophomore album, Sego Sucks. The 10-track effort was teased previously with “Shame”, a “jerky, bopping lead single” that eventually landed on our New Sounds playlist of must-hear tunes. Now, the group has unboxed another offering with “Neon Me Out”.

Not unlike its predecessor, “Neon Me Out” is riddled with musical quirks and kinks that call to mind Beck’s zanier tendencies. The bass provides a pounding pattern akin to a heart on the verge of bursting, which the song eventually does during its climactic, jarring, but wholly enrapturing chorus. So far, Sego are only lined up to play SXSW 2019 next month; with an anthemic track of this magnitude, festival bookers would be smart to snatch them up for the summer season.

Check out “Neon Me Out” below via its equally unpredictable music video.

Sego Sucks, which was named after a bitter hashtag started after the band’s formation, officially arrives April 5th through Roll Call Records. A US tour is expected to be announced in the near future.

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