Strand of Oaks reveals new song “Ruby”: Stream

"Happiest song" Timothy Showalter's ever written also comes with a music video of family footage

Strand of Oaks "Ruby" new song music video release

Singer-songwriter Timothy Showalter is prepping to drop a new album under his Strand of Oaks moniker. Set for a March 22nd release, Eraserland promises contributions from members of My Morning Jacket and Jason Isbell.

Following last month’s “Weird Ways” lead single comes “Ruby”, said to be the “happiest song” Showalter’s ever written. “Ruby isn’t a person, rather the concept of time and memory and how with every passing year it becomes non linear,” he explained in a press statement. “In the past I would’ve dismissed such unabashedly pure optimism, but I’ve been through a lot and I’ve learned to appreciate those rare moments of light.”

Keeping with the memory theme, Showalter has shared a music video for “Ruby” that’s comprised entirely of adorable family footage circa the ’80s. “This past year my little brother Jon spent countless hours trying to convert my family’s collection of home movies,” Showalter noted. “Somehow my dad in 1988 got a camera with ‘Buick Points’ and then proceeded to have a side career as world-class cinematographer.”

Check it out below.

This April, Showalter will launch a North American tour in support of his new Stand of Oaks album.

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