Panda Bear on Why Animal Collective Works Like an NBA Team

Noah Lennox revisits the band's first tour with Black Dice and singing in a choir as a child

Panda Bear, This Must Be the Gig, photo by Philip Cosores

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Welcome back to another episode of This Must Be the Gig, the podcast that gives you an all-access pass to the world of live music! One fourth of the beloved and ever-so-experimental indie rock outfit Animal Collective, Panda Bear calls into the podcast this week. The man born Noah Lennox is just days removed from the release of his sixth album, Buoys, a kaleidoscopic and dazzling mind-bender. In addition to discussing the record and his upcoming tour, Lennox and host Lior Phillips chat about the very first Animal Collective tour with Black Dice, how singing in a choir as a child formed his musical mindframe, what it’s like performing solo as an introvert, and how working in Animal Collective is like being on a basketball team.

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