Y: the Last Man has been ordered to series by FX

The first season of Y will premiere on FX in 2020

Y The Last Man FX Ordered to Series Macall Polay

After years of development rumors and attempts to mount an adaptation on both the big and small screens, Y: the Last Man is finally coming to life as an FX show. The network announced today that the slightly retitled Y has been ordered to series, with a 2020 premiere planned for the first season.

For the uninitiated, Y: the Last Man is Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s beloved six-year comic book series about a global catastrophe that kills every creature with a Y chromosome on Earth aside from a single escape artist and his monkey companion. As society has to realign itself, while also dealing with the encroaching fear of probable extinction, the series considers everything from gender to race to class warfare through its post-apocalyptic lens.

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Along with the announcement comes a first image (above), offering a look at the series’ efforts to translate the now-signature palette of Y: the Last Man to live action. It’ll be a tall order to adapt the iconic mix of humor, cultural commentary, and haunting despair that characterized the series, but the principals involved inspire confidence, to say the very least.

As revealed last summer, Barry Keoghan will lead the series’ ensemble as the titular Y, Yorick Brown. Diane Lane is on board as Y’s mother, Senator Jennifer Brown, while additional cast members include Imogen Poots (Yorick’s sister, Hero), Juliana Canfield (his girlfriend, Beth), Lashana Lynch (Secret Service member Agent 355), Marin Ireland (Nora, the president’s senior assistant), and Amber TamblynMichael Green (American Gods) and Aïda Mashaka Croal (Luke Cage)  will serve as showrunners.

Though it’s still a year out, FX’s will certainly be one of the shows to watch in 2020.

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