Robert Trujillo: Next Metallica album “will come a lot sooner than the previous two did”

Plus, hear Lars Ulrich's drumming in the new Netflix movie Triple Frontier

Metallica's Robert Trujillo
Metallica, photo by Philip Cosores

According to bassist Robert Trujillo, fans of Metallica won’t have to wait quite as long as they have in the past to hear new music from the band.

In an interview he gave to The Music podcast, Trujillo said he and the rest of his Metallica mates have “vowed to get [a new album] going sooner than later.”

“It will come a lot sooner than the previous two did,” he revealed. “This time around I think we’ll be able to jump on it a lot quicker and jump in the studio and start working.”

That’s welcome news for folks who waited five years between the release of St. Anger for its follow-up, Death Magnetic, and then eight years after that for their most recent album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. What Trujillo couldn’t do is commit to a timeframe for when new Metallica tunes would be available.

“How soon? I don’t know,” he told The Music. “We’ve been touring non-stop. It’s been over two years now. At some point, sure, we’ll need to take a little bit of a break. It’s sort of the right thing for us to do because we’ve been going so hard.”

At the same time, Trujillo insisted that Metallica are not short on ideas. The group apparently gets together before every show to loosen up for that night’s performance by knocking around new riffs and musical concepts.

“We have a zone we call ‘The Tuning Room’, which is a space where we can jam and warm up before the show,” he said. “We’re always in there coming up with ideas and you may get a few seconds of an idea but everything is recorded, always. And then of course at home, everyone has got ideas.”

The bassist also said that he anticipates any new Metallica album would be a “culmination” of the work they did on Death Magnetic and Hardwired, while also representing “another journey” for the band.

In other Metallica news, Lars Ulrich recently revealed via his Instagram account that you’ll be able to hear his “thunderous drums” on the soundtrack for the recently released Netflix thriller Triple Frontier, starring Ben Affleck and others. The bulk of the score was written and recorded by electronic artist Disasterpeace but then augmented by Ulrich’s playing, apparently at the request of the film’s director JC Chandor.

“Chandor, who I’ve admired for his previous films and gotten to know over the years, called me up and asked if I would contribute to the movie,” Ulrich wrote. “The marching orders…Thunderous drums to back up the score in certain sequences. I’m in!! Had some fun for a coupla days in December laying down ‘thunderous drums’ on top of @dzasterpeace’s brilliant existing stems of music and score … and it’s turned out really f*ckin’ cool.”

Again, Triple Frontier is out now via Netflix. As for Metallica, the band just wrapped up the North American dates of their WorldWired tour and will be back on the road starting in May with dates in Europe with Ghost through the summer, and a run of stadium shows with Slipknot in Australia and New Zealand this October. You can get tickets here.