Alex Ross Perry to direct Stephen King’s “Rest Stop”

Her Smell and Listen Up Philip filmmaker will adapt the 2003 short story for Legendary

Stpehen King, Pet Sematary, Mary Lambert, Horror
Stephen King in Pet Sematary (Paramount Pictures)

    Everyone wants a piece of Stephen King.

    The latest name is Alex Ross Perry, according to Variety, who reports that the Her Smell filmmaker has signed on to direct King’s 2003 short story, “Rest Stop”, for Legendary.

    Originally published in Esquire, and later bundled into 2008’s Just After Sunset, the thriller follows two women in a sordid cat-and-mouse game following a fateful off-road encounter.

    Perry is no stranger to the genre, having recently delivered the 2015 psychological thriller Queen of Earth, which starred his current muse Elisabeth Moss.

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    In fact, don’t be surprised if Moss leads this film, seeing how the two have collaborated on three of Perry’s last four films, including the aforementioned Her Smell.

    Nevertheless, this is just one of two dozen projects involving King’s name, which is all the more reason why you should subscribe to our weekly Kingcast, The Losers’ Club.

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