Disgruntled Beyoncé fan throws a lemon at Ariana Grande during Coachella set: Watch

Pay disparity rumors led to a fruit assault

Ariana Grande Lemon Coachella Beyonce
Ariana Grande and the assaulting lemon at Coachella

Who throws fruit? I mean, really now, Beyhive, you’re better than this.

Video has surfaced of Ariana Grande being pelted by a lemon during her headlining Coachella performance on Sunday night. The flying fruit hit her right in the chest during a segment of her “Right There”/”Break Your Heart Right Back” mashup that features a clip of “Mo Money Mo Problems”. Thankfully, it missed her head and bounced off fairly harmlessly, and the pop star kept right on performing with barely a missed beat.

“That’s ’cause one of ya’ll threw a lemon at me, shit,” she said after letting out a surprised yelp.

The prevailing theory is that the clouting citrus was chucked by a chafed Beyoncé fan over an alleged pay disparity between her 2018 ‘Chella set and Grande’s 2019 one. The unsubstantiated rumor was that the white pop star made double that of her proudly black contemporary. This turned out to be false, as The Blast reports that both singers got paid $8 million each for the two weekends.

Still, the lemon seemed to be a clear reference to Bey’s world-changing Lemonade, and stans for both singers weren’t having any of the beef. Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother/collaborator, tweeted, “If you throw a lemon at Ariana Grande, you’re a piece of shit.” Plenty of others spoke up about the incident, as you can see following footage of the fruit offensive below.

Also, stop throwing shit at musicians and performers. It’s dangerous, it’s stupid, and no one is laughing with you.