Avengers fan hospitalized after uncontrollably sobbing during Endgame

21-year-old Chinese woman hyperventilated after feeling all the feels

Captain America crying fan sobbing hospital avengers endgame
Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame is out here making the world move. It’s demolishing box office records and causing actual fist-fights at theaters. The culmination of over a decade of films is also understandably causing a lot of feels — in at least one instance to genuinely dangerous degrees.

    According to China News (via CinemaBlend), a 21-year-old fan in China was actually sent to the hospital after uncontrollably sobbing during the film. Though she made it through the screening, she couldn’t stop crying after leaving the theater. ER doctors believed she was hyperventilating and gave her oxygen until her symptoms were under control.

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    If you’ve seen the movie and were invested in the characters’ stories over the previous 21 entries, the young woman’s reaction isn’t entirely surprising. I personally watched the last hour or so through watery eyes, and I’ll go on forever about that one moment that had the tears streaming if you let me.


    Having already broken the billion dollar mark after just five days of release, Endgame is sure to cause a lot more crying before its run is complete. Personally, I’m already packing tissues for my second go-around.

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