Björk plays DJ set at Icelandic school dance

Björk's set at her alma mater featured "Guillotine" by Death Grips

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Björk, photo by Philip Cosores

    The few times I got over my social anxiety and actually showed up to my high school dances, I was duly rewarded with an illustrious playlist of cheesy ’80s hits and about three different remixes of “Cotton Eye Joe”. The kids over in Iceland have it so much better.

    As Dazed points out, students at a local school were left awestruck last week when the Björk showed up to DJ their dance. The Icelandic music hero apparently had attended the school when she was younger and decided to show up and drop a few jams for her alma mater.

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    Those in attendance were unsurprisingly at a loss for words to see the artist behind masterpieces like Vulnicura and Biophilia providing the soundtrack to their evening. A full tracklist of her DJ set hasn’t been uncovered just yet, but students captured footage of Björk spinning through “Guillotine” by Death Grips.


    To reiterate: These kids got Björk and Death Grips, and I had trance remixes of “Cotton Eye Joe”.

    Watch fan-caught footage of Björk’s DJ set below.

    Björk’s long been a fan of Death Grips, as she featured the outfit during a DJ set she did back in 2015. Revisit the full stream of that below.

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