Bronn from Game of Thrones heading to The Dark Tower

Everyone's favorite sellsword will go from Westeros to Mid-World

Game of Thrones, Jerome Flynn, The Dark Tower
Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones (HBO)

    Jerome Flynn, aka Bronn, is going from Westeros to Mid-World.

    In a new interview with The Mirror, the UK actor has confirmed that his next gig following the end of HBO’s Game of Thrones will be Amazon’s forthcoming series surrounding Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

    Game of Thrones has opened doors to some great stuff,” he explained, adding. “I’m getting offered stuff I never would have.” That “stuff” the publication reported is “a cowboy in the dramatization of Stephen King’s seven-book Dark Tower series.”

    He added, “I’ve always said I’d like to play a cowboy – and now one has come along. I’m excited for that.”


    Well, that’s not much to go on, seeing how everyone and their mother are cowboys in Mid-World. However, some fans have begun crossing their fingers that he’ll be playing Jonas, the leader of the Big Coffin Hunters from the fourth novel, Wizard and Glass.

    Regardless of who he plays, he’ll be joining both Sam Strike (Mindflyers) and Jasper Pääkkönen (BlacKkKlansman), who have been cast as Roland Deschain, aka the Gunslinger, and the villainous Man in Black, respectively.

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    As previously reported, Glen Mazzara (The Shield) will serve as the showrunner and the new series will reportedly be a complete reboot, separate from the 2017 theatrical film and more aligned with the books, focusing on a young Roland Deschain.


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