Bun B defends wife, home by shooting armed robber

A gunfight erupted in the rapper's Houston home

Bun B shoots home invader robber
Bun B

    Bun B ’bout sittin’ at home, and you’d be foolish to try and mess with that. The Houston rapper was forced to defend his property on Tuesday when an intruder attempted to rob his house.

    According to Houston’s ABC13, a masked, armed man had been attempting to get into homes around the neighborhood. When he knocked on Bun B’s door, his wife, Queenie, assumed it was a package delivery and let the man in. He proceeded to put a gun to her head and demand valuables. Queenie offered up her Audi, and led the man into the garage.

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    Having overheard the commotion from upstairs, Bun B grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder in the garage. He caught the crook’s ass when it was optimal, and lit him up like an Optimo. The men exchanged fire, leaving the perp, identified as DeMonte Jackson, with a gunshot wound in his left arm.


    Jackson fled the scene on foot, but was arrested hours later when he admitted himself to a hospital for his injury. Houston PD slapped him with a trio of felony charges: two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary. Bun B and Queenie, meanwhile, were unharmed in the incident.

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