Charly Bliss reveal new song “Hard to Believe”: Stream

Brooklyn outfit contemplates cutting ties with an unhealthy relationship

Charly Bliss "Hard to Believe" song video release
Charly Bliss, photo by Ebru Yildiz

    Charly Bliss are officially a month out from the release of their sophomore album, Young Enough. Following 2017’s solid Guppy, the LP is being teased today with a third single called “Hard to Believe”.

    Like March’s “Chatroom”, the Brooklyn-based outfit masks knotty, despairing reflections under layers of seemingly harmless, driving pop punk. On Charly Bliss’ latest effort, singer Eva Hendricks specifically wrestles with herself over whether she should finally let go of an unhealthy relationship.

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    “I can’t accept that you’re leaving/ I can’t pretend that I need it,” Hendricks sings, the push-pull tension clear in just those two concise lines.

    Accompanying the track is a music video helmed by Henry Kaplan. As Hendricks notes in a press statement, it captures the “inner monologues” of each member as the band performs:

    “We shot the video on 35mm film over two days with our close friend Henry Kaplan 24 hours after returning from SXSW. Henry did a spectacular job of incorporating each of our personalities into this video, as well as providing a slightly fantastical, but ultimately realistic portrayal of a typical band practice. While we’re running songs, each band-member usually has their own inner-monologue running of either things they’re distracted by, or things they’d rather be doing. This video feels extremely “us” and I don’t think we could have made it with anyone else.”


    Check it out below.

    Young Enough arrives May 10th via Barsuk Records, and you can listen to the first single “Capacity” here. In support, Charly Bliss have dates lined up in Europe and the US in the coming months. Grab tickets here.

    To snatch up Charly Bliss releases on vinyl, head over here.

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