The secondary market for Coachella tickets is cratering

As the second weekend nears, tickets are going way below face value

Bob Moses at Coachella 2019, photo by Goldenvoice stubhub tickets cheap resale
Bob Moses at Coachella 2019, photo by Goldenvoice

    This first weekend of Coachella 2019 is in the books, complete with epic boyband reunions, astounding performances from skyrocketing pop stars, and powerful headlining sets. Even fans that weren’t there to witness all the spectacle first hand probably caught at least some of it during the YouTube webcast. If hearing all those stories and watching all that content gave you some FOMO, there’s good news: Coachella has a second weekend, and tickets are currently going at deep discounts.

    When passes first went on sale back in January, both weekends sold out within an hour. However, in the weeks leading up to the event, a limited number of additional tickets were released for April 19th-21st — and those are still available. Of course, that means people trying to unload their extra or unused passes on ticket resale websites don’t have the same supply-and-demand balance that normally comes from sell-out events. And that means solid deals for those looking to make last minute plans.

    As of this writing, StubHub has plenty of GA passes listed in the mid-to-high $300 range, bottoming out at $394.65 after fees. That’s 8% less than the $429 face value. VIP deals are even better, with passes priced at $999 on the Coachella website going for $751.50 with fees included, a whopping 25% savings.


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    Those GA tickets are likely to continue dropping, too. As the Desert Sun reports, tickets for weekend one had dropped to $350 total — 18% below face — on the Friday of the event.

    These price points are fairly atypical for Coachella. In years past, third-party sellers have had listings as much as double the face value, right up to the day of the event itself. Are the more wallet-friendly sales a sign of a some sort of shift? Is entering weekend two without a complete sell-out indicative of waning interest in the mecca of American festivals?

    We somehow doubt it. But if you and your buddies want to make a spur of the moment decision to go rock it out in the California desert with the likes of Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Billie Eilish, we suggest keeping your eyes on resellers. (Of course, beware of fakers and scalpers, as Coachella warns they won’t “service, authenticate or support passes purchased from a 3rd party/scalper.”)

    Even if you don’t end up going, you can still watch a live stream of weekend two, which Coachella is providing for the first time. Be sure to catch up on all of our Coachella coverage, as well.

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