Trailer for new D’Angelo documentary, Devil’s Pie: D’Angelo, tracks his 2014 comeback: Watch

The documentary hints D'Angelo's fourth album is on the way

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D’Angelo, photo by Philip Cosores

    In 2014, D’Angelo released his third album Black Messiah, following up his sophomore LP, 2000’s Voodoo, after over a decade. Now, a new documentary, Devil’s Pie: D’Angelo, follows the neo-soul singer’s comeback and hints at a new record on the way.

    The film, which was directed by Carine Bijlsma, documents the aftermath of Black Messiah, following the singer as he rehearsed for his celebrated 2015 “Second Coming” tour. Devil’s Pie also pairs behind-the-scenes footage with archival film from his family and rare interviews with D’Angelo, his management, and his past collaborators.

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    The documentary also dives deep into the singer’s extended delay between album releases and the causes of his retreat from public view. With a deft hand, the film carefully navigates discussion of D’Angelo’s substance-abuse struggles, a terrible car accident, and the deaths of close family members.


    Watch the trailer below. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival on April 27th. A wide release date is still forthcoming.

    As noted by BillboardDevil’s Pie ends on “a vague, but promising, note” about D’Angelo’s return. However, during a Q&A after the Tribeca screening, Bijlsma gave a more direct update on the possibility of a new record. She said, “He’s actually doing really well, and he’s very excited… He was in the studio these past weeks. He has big plans for the future, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of him.”

    We have had some fresh music from D’Angelo since Black Messiah; last year, his song “May I? Stand Unshaken” debuted in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

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