Julia Jacklin, Alex Lahey, and Aldous Harding on Gilmore Girls, The Mighty Ducks, and Geography

The three singer-songwriters have plenty of advice for those with a penchant for lyrics

Julia Jacklin, Alex Lahey, Aldous Harding

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Singer-songwriters Julia Jacklin, Alex Lahey, and Aldous Harding join Kyle Meredith With…for another special trio episode to carry you into the weekend.

— Jacklin weighs in on the emotionally heavy themes of her latest album, Crushing; the importance of lyrics over music (with a nod to Leonard Cohen); the timeless fun of the Gilmore Girls; and, yes, voyeurism.

— Lahey dials in to discuss the Nashville roots of The Best of Luck Club, the glorious sax solo of lead single “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”, the Mighty Ducks, and making a video in 103 degree heat.

— And finally, Aldous Harding discusses her latest record, Designer, namely how the title has multiple definitions, how geography plays a role in the lyrics, and how she can make minimalism sound so big.

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